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America's best quiet tattoo machines. Original Linear Machine.

Tap Tat Daddio is committed to developing new and exciting products for the Tattoo industry that will improve the quality of equipment, and allow the professional artist to do what they do best. 



A Note from the Inventor. 

 Simply stated, the NeoTat allows you to let go of technical stuff. The artist can get down to what tattooing is, and be able to consistently produce good results. The fact that it canít be tuned and only adjusted by voltage means that it always runs the same, and once an artist has become accustomed to the way it works, the rest is downhill. The machine is lightweight (weighing only 5.5 oz) which means almost no fatigue from any kind or amount of tattooing. Some artists find that they can get results with a NeoTat that they could never get with a bulky, heavy coil machine. (The Vivace Machines Weigh in at 4 oz.)

 The NeoTat allows the artist to be an artist and not have the need to be a mechanic.

 Due to the lightweight design and lower vibration it could reduce the risk of getting carpal-tunnel or tendonitis. The NeoTat could potentially save you thousands in medical bills and extend your career by many years.

 Some say they can make more passes over the skin without causing damage. Some people claim it hurts less. Most think the quiet sound is more soothing than a coil. Some say there is much less swelling. Most say that the healing time is cut in half.

 I believe that it has to do with the smooth and straight reciprocating motion of the NeoTat that allows for less damage to the skin. Less trauma means quicker healing.

 I designed my machine to be a clean and quiet tattoo machine, and the proven added benefits have made it all very worthwhile.

-Ray Webb


                                   Our Global Partners 


EIKON Tattoo Equipment & Supplies our Canadian distributor  We encourage you to visit their store. 


ProTat Tattoo Supplies  is our distributor "down under." We encourage you to visit their store. 


Unimax Tattoo Supply of New York is our United States distributor of NeoTat tattoo machines. We are proud to have Wes onboard and encourage you to visit his store.


InkPlaza is our distributor in the Netherlands.  


Killer Ink UK is our distributor in the UK.  


2Evolve is our South African Distributor.

Since 1996, The Tap Tat Daddio has developed and produced some of the best selling Knurled Grips and Tattoo Machines in the World. We made many of the parts that were sold by the "other" major tattoo supply companies!

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