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The NeoTat Machines are available in three different stroke lengths.

NeoTat  1.8mm , "C" Machine

NeoTat  2.5mm ,"X" Machine

NeoTat   3.5mm ,"P" Machine

Soon a 4.2mm will available.

Vivace Machines are available in four different stroke lengths.

Vivace  1.8mm

Vivace  2.5mm

Vivace  3.8mm

Vivace  4.2mm








                        The NeoTat Machine

Is designed to operate for many trouble free hours with minimal maintenance.

The Neo Tat should be kept clean and sanitary at all times.

Regular maintenance means disassembling of the machine at least every 200 hours of use and thoroughly cleaning and relubricating the glide mechanism with a synthetic USDA approved H1 grade or better PFTE oil  and/or grease such as Super Lube.

The Neo Tat is designed to be run on DC current ONLY, and at a voltage range of  between 6 and 14 volts DC. Running the machine on AC current or on a power supply of poor regulation will damage the machine and void its warranty. The Neo Tat normally runs at no more than 250 Milliamps of current. If the machine is drawing more current than 350 Ma, or seems to slow down, get hot, or start making excessive noise, then it must be disassembled, cleaned, and relubricated.

Following  the maintenance instructions will show how easy it is to maintain your new machine. So you may enjoy it for years to come.

                      Quality is Number One

 We have created one of the best tattoo machines around, and have tested the Neo Tat exhaustively. In the lab, our machines have been tested for endurance by running them at over 1000 hours straight with no maintenance of any kind, and they have passed flawlessly. We use Mabuchi motors in our machines because our testing showed they last longer than others, including the German and Swiss motors.

The NeoTat has been on the market now since 2004.

 Each tattoo machine is inspected during every phase of manufacture, and test run before it goes through the two hour run-in. Each machine is then cleaned and inspected and run one more hour. Then cleaned and inspected once more before packaging. Each power supply is either built or inspected and modified in our facility before it is assembled / reassembled and tested under load for one hour.

We Proudly manufacture all our parts and hand build our machines in the USA!

Always open to suggestion, we continue to improve our products.

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