Notice the additional oscillations shown by the coil machine, where the NeoTat is smooth.

The coil machine exhibits a much higher amount of vibration than the NeoTat machine.

Text Box:                                         Vibration analysis
                             NeoTat machine vs. coil machine

Text Box:  The NeoTat machine operates in a smooth and straight reciprocating motion with less 
vibration than a coil machine.

Text Box: For the purpose of showing the difference in vibration between the two machines, each machine was run independently at similar speed to the other while affixed to the vibration transducer. The resulting waveform displays were recorded and analyzed..
              The test equipment used:
                           Philips model PM 3219 50 MHz oscilloscope
                           Vibration transducer, built in house
                           Adjustable DC power supply
                           Appropriate cables needed to connect machines

Text Box: Coil machine on transducer

Text Box: NeoTat machine on transducer

Text Box: The following pictures are the actual machine waveform displays.

Vibration created within one cycle of the glide movement.

Vibration created within one cycle of the armature bar movement.

One cycle = down and up, once.


Technical Info